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Interior trend: red alert

7 months ago
Interior trend: red alert

We’re barely into autumn and already the interior design experts are predicting which trends will be big news in 2024. Livingetc – the glossy magazine and style bible – has already published its colour predictions for next year and there are some interesting shades in the spotlight.

Red is one of them. To be more specific, three different hues made its shortlist, encouraging people to be bolder with their colour choices.

Livingetc pinpointed ‘rust’ as a colour we’ll be seeing more of in our homes. This earthy shade – underpinned by orange – pairs well with bronze and copper accessories, and can look magnificent when used in a living room, dining room or home office.

Burgundy was another red that made Livingetc’s latest colour trend list. Evocative of a glass of fruity French wine, burgundy has an old-fashioned richness, with its cool purple and blue undertones. Burgundy looks amazing in older period homes but, surprisingly, it works equally well when paired with blonde Scandi wood and a predominantly white interior.

Completing a trio of reds favoured by the magazine is deep red. Its nominated shade is a halfway house between rust and burgundy – a cosy colour that creates an enveloping sense of warmth. The most versatile deep reds have orange or brown undertones, which prevent them from looking too cold, especially north-facing rooms.

Livingetc isn’t the only design bastion singing the praises of red. One of design’s most unlikely collaborations is also flying the flag, with food manufacturer Heinz partnering with paint specialist Lick to release a very familiar limited edition product.

Red HTK 57 is a paint that is being made to order, with only 570 tins available from launch. The colour is described as an ‘energising tomato’ that has been colour matched to the world-famous ketchup. The shade is clear and upfront, as you would expect, with black, yellow and blue undertones stopping the paint from becoming too gimmicky.

If your heart is set on sloshing a shade of sauce on your walls but you find the Lick paint has sold out, there are similar alternatives – perhaps proving this vibrant hue isn’t as wacky as it sounds. Try Little Greene’s Atomic Red, YesColours’ Electric Red or High Voltage by Valspar for an instant injection of colour.

We appreciate that red isn’t a colour everyone will want to use in the home and there are suggestions that it’s a shade that should be avoided altogether, especially if you’re looking to sell your property.

Colour therapist Momtaz Begum-Hossain told the Metro newspaper that red can be overstimulating and provoke a sense of anxiety or anger – not the outcome you want when people are viewing your property. Instead of discarding the idea of a red interior altogether, she does advise using the shade as an accent colour. Add a red vase, rug or lampshade in an otherwise neutral room and you can still enjoy the vibrancy without the overkill.

If you are thinking about selling or renting out a property you own, speak to us about what perfect presentation looks like.

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