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What’s cooking: kitchen trends for 2024

6 months ago
What’s cooking: kitchen trends for 2024

There are a number of essential components that comprise a kitchen – a sink with running water, oven and fridge freezer being the most vital – therefore, everything else could be considered a ‘nice to have’.  

In reality, almost every homeowner is compelled to fill their kitchen with some sort of gadget, install a time-saving appliance or use their cooking space to reflect the latest interior trends. Over time, our kitchens have morphed from functional rooms to high-fashion spaces that we constantly seek to evolve.  

The reward from kitchen improvements and additions, however, can be more than just aesthetic. A quick scour of the internet reveals a new kitchen can add between 5% and 15% to a home’s value. In fact, when Magnet questioned 2,000 homeowners and aspiring property buyers, 61% said they would pay more for a property if the kitchen was newly refurbished or modernised.  

In reverse, a poor-quality kitchen could devalue your property. Zoopla has been cited as saying poor lighting, broken cupboards, cluttered surfaces, dirty walls, mouldy sealant and limescale build up on kitchen fittings are all culprits that lead to lower offers.  

If you’re looking to improve your kitchen ahead of a sale, or have just moved to a new home where you’re looking to make your mark, one of these current kitchen trends might catch your eye.  

The trend for two

Some homeowners have gone down the route of installing two ovens in their property, especially those with big families, while two fridges – one for food and another for drink – is quite common among people who frequently entertain. Now there’s a new trend – two dishwashers. Madness? Hear us out.  

Those who have invested in two dishwashers say it has decluttered their worktops and simplified their kitchen. Essentially, one dishwasher is always filled with dirty items or is in the cleaning cycle, while the other is full of clean crockery and cutlery that you ‘live out’ of instead of unloading the items into a cupboard. You then alternate between the two. Alternatively, both dishwashers can be run at the same time to prevent pots, pans and plates piling up on the side.  

Utility rooms

Read any article about the differences between houses in the UK and the US, and one of the most common is the inclusion – or lack – of a utility room. Many Americans are shocked that we have our washing machines and tumble dryers in the kitchen, and perhaps a mild sense of embarrassment is behind the rising trend for utility rooms here.  

More likely it is our shift towards open plan living and the annoyance of a loud spin cycle drowning out the conversation over dinner. Utility rooms have also become a style statement – designer utility rooms are very much trending on Instagram!  

If you are remodelling your ground floor, it’s worth consulting with an architect or builders as to whether creating a utility room is a possibility. You may even consider adding a laundry room to your first floor.  

Cooking shortcuts

Traditional ways of cooking are out of favour, if new figures are anything to go by. Sales of both Aga ovens and Le Creuset cookware have dropped, with homeowners turning their backs on the ‘low and slow’ method of cooking. Instead, air fryers are the new sensation, with cookware retailer Lakeland saying annual sales of these small appliances were up 1,175% in 2023, when compared to 2022.   

Another trending shortcut is the boiling water tap – with versions that can also deliver filtered cold, hot and carbonated water catching the eye. According to Kitchens & Bathrooms News, manufacturers of boiling water taps have reported double and even triple-digit growth over the past couple of years, as waiting for a kettle boil becomes simply too frustrating for some.   

If 2024 is the year you move home in search of a bigger or better kitchen, give us a call. We can book a valuation for your current home and arrange viewings of properties currently on the market.

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